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Short Commercial Video

Sample 1  (no sound)
Fabulous Freddie's

Freddie's wanted its food to speak for itself!  No voiceover or spokesmodel needed.  It was a great look to go "behind the scenes" as the employees prepared their tasty dishes.  This video is used in the Lobby as customers are about to place their orders.  It's a great way to upsell and promote other items on the menu!

Sample 2
Advanced Medical Clinic

Dr. Malas needed a quick, inexpensive way to promote his Clinic.  A spokesmodel was hired to do the voiceover and to work out as a customer in the facility.  Because the Clinic is easily missed on a busy street, the video is able to give its viewers a greater insight as to what is happening inside.  The video was displayed in the facility's front window.

Sample 3
Evanston Masonry

This video was created as a short commercial, placed onto the Evanston Masonry website.  The spokesmodel was cast perfectly, and the neutral colors inside of her "home" brought more attention to her message.  This video is part of a series of videos done for the company, each one highlighting a specific service.

Company Promotion Video

Sample 1
Evanston Masonry

For the first time in its history, Evanston Masonry sponsored a local festival.  The Custer Street Fair is a staple in its community, so the video was well-received by the organizers.  The video promotes the company, captures the energy of the event, and shows off the fans that were given away to the hundreds of "hot" participants.

Sample 2
Lean Six Sigma Services

The White Belt Course is an "introduction" to the methodologies of the Lean/Six Sigma process.  The Lean Six Sigma Services company needed a video showcasing the participants in order to sell their other certification courses.  This video is another example where a spokesmodel or voiceover wasn't needed to promote the company.

Sample 3
The Jesse White Foundation

Every year, the Jesse White Foundation holds a "Trunk Party" to give students going to college free supplies to help those in need.  It's a 3-Day event!  The video captures the hard work that goes into the event, the energy of the students receiving the trunks, and the importance of the message of "giving back".  


Employee Training Video

Sample 1
Weber Grills

This video is used at the distribution plant located in Huntley, IL.  It helps employees understand the importance of the Lean/Six Sigma philosophies to help each department work at optimal efficiency.  The video successfully delivers the message and also captures the culture and morale of the employees working toward the common goals.

Sample 2
Kraft Foods - Claussen Pickles

The Claussen Pickle plant in Woodstock, IL used this video to help employees learn the basic of the Lean/Six Sigma methodologies.  Above all else, safety was their priority, so the video put emphasis on being safe and staying safe at all times.  Also, because of strict health codes, it was important that the video follow OSHA policies and procedures.

Sample 3
Weber Grills - Spanish

The Spanish version of "The Missing Piece" tells the story of employees who unintentionally neglect to do their job.  It's a light-hearted approach to deliver a strong message to the employees about the importance of doing great work.  It also shows the effects thereafter.  The video was shot in 3 days, and delivered in less than one week.

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