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"Say something great.  Say it well.  Say it often."

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Your small business customers are regularly scanning the various Social Media platforms, so your business needs to be there, too!  It's important to stay relevant with your customers because your competitors are trying to do the same.  

Below are a few reasons why Social Media is important to your business:



1.   Humanize your brand.  34.7% of your visitors want your brand to have a personality. (

2.   Grow your audience.  YouTube is not only used to post videos, it's the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

3.   A chance to "go viral".  Using hashtags (#) give added exposure to people searching the internet.

4.   Distribute content easier.  Once you embrace the technology, your posts become easier and quicker to send your company's messages.

5.   Keep your brand fresh.  The world can see your messages the second it posts!

6.   Content spreads organically.  Your customers aren't on just one platform!  When your message is compelling enough, they will share your messages onto different platforms.

7.   Build brand equity.  "Have something good to say, say it well, say it often."

8.   Target your audience.  Social Media is unlike any other form of advertising where you can deliver your message directly to your business demographics.

9.   Become the expert.  Social Media is a platform where you can flex your "industry muscles".  Here, you can show customers how well you know your business.

10.  Know the industry moves.  Social Media can help you keep an eye on events happening in your company's world (and your competitors).

11.  Boost customer engagement.  Find out what customers REALLY think about your business!

12.  Increase employee engagement.  70% of employees are using Social Media at work.  Learn to use this to your advantage.  (Sprout Social)

13.  Employees advocate brand.  Engaged employees on Social Media are 24% more likely to increase sales.  (Weber Shandwick)

14.  Recruit new employees.  Instead of using the typical ways to fill positions in your company, use Social Media to attract the right candidates... for FREE!

15.  New partner opportunities.  There may be other businesses on Social Media who will have an interest in what you're doing which can lead to other business opportunities.

16.  Tell your stories.  Social Media is the perfect platform to tell the world about your history, a feel-good incident at your business, or stories about your favorite customers.

17.  Engagement at events.  If your business holds an event... tell everyone!  Live events are so much fun to record!

18.  Assist crisis management.  When problems arise, you can instantly use Social Media to help avert a small problem becoming a much bigger one.

19.  Network with influencers.  Social Media Influencers are the "celebrities" of the internet.  Engage with them and they can help boost your brand exponentially.

20.  Build open communication.  Marketing and advertising is no longer a one-way dialogue.  Customers want you to communicate and create a relationship with them.

21.  Track your competition.  Social Media helps you keep a close eye on the competition's promotions, pricing, and events.

22.  Competitor audience activity.  Find out why your customers buy from your competitors.  Why do they go there?  What are their customers saying?

23.  New idea experimentation.  Have a new product or service?  Let Social Media help you make a few decisions about how you release your ideas to market.

24.  Engage customers directly.  34.5% of your customers actually prefer to be contacted through Social Media.  Another 19.4% prefer email. (Sprout Social)

25.  Collect customer content.  Engaged customers love to tell everyone about a great experience at your business.  Thank them.  Reward them.  Tell others.

26.  Rank social profiles.  With consistent activity, your Social Media profiles will gain popularity, generate multiple views, and reach much wider audiences in a short amount of time. 

27.  Increased Google rankings.  More Social Media interactions means more traffic to your website.  This helps Google rank your website higher for people searching for your business. 

28.  Cut marketing costs.  The average Cost Per Thousand customers on Social Media is $2.50 versus Direct Mail marketing which is about $57.  (Lyfe Marketing)

29.  Learn your audience.  Find out what they like most about your business.  Learn their habits.  Learn how you can make their shopping experience with you the best it can be!

30.  Higher conversion rates.  84% of consumers will shop within 24 hours after searching and interacting with your brand. (HubSpot)

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