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Video Blogger
Small Business/Company Videos

Your business needs video!  Place videos onto your website, onto your social media, create employee training videos, and more.  Your customers want videos... give it to them!  The top 3 videos you should post onto your website and social media are:

1.  A Company Presentation video.  Also known as the "About Us" video.  This gives potential customers a clear insight as to what your company does.

2.  A Testimonial video.  Word-of-mouth advertising will always be king, so create a video that will show clients saying great things about you.

3.  A Demonstration video.  Show people what your product actually does.

See videos for our clients HERE

At the Office
Website Design


Many companies aren't sure what type of website they should have, or aren't sure whether they should have a website at all.  Well, the reality is, every company NEEDS some type of website.  Period.  Just about everyone owns a smart phone, so your company needs to be in their phone, too!

The Southwest Business Network is happy to help business owners not only create a custom website for you, but we can also help drive visitors to your website to help with brand awareness, product launches, online sales, and showcasing your goods.  Call us to talk more about how we can help!


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Office Talk
Business Registration

Make your business legit.

Speak with a law professional to discuss the various options for your type of business.  Also, depending on the business structure, you may (or may not) be eligible for the various tax breaks associated with it.

Once you've decided which business structure you'd like to manage your business under, contact us and we can get it registered with the Secretary of State of Illinois. 


We can save you the hassle of doing it yourself!

In the Woods
Drone Photography/Video


The drone industry is evolving into a powerhouse.  Drones are being used for fantastic views of homes and private properties, to investigate fires, to reach places that we once unattainable, and are also used in motion pictures.


The video clip here is a small sample of how a drone can be placed in the sky to get the perfect shot of its subject.  This was shot for a client working on a building on Broadway St. in Chicago.   A small clip of the footage was later used to show the "During" section of a Before and After video.

See the video HERE

Social Media Logos
Social Media

The Southwest Business Network understands that your customers and clients are on Social Media... so you should be, too!  Marketing is no longer a one-way dialogue to your prospects.  Consumers are much more savvy today, so you must create a conversation and build relationships in order to be relevant in your industry.

The key to Social Media success is knowing which platforms your customers are using and spending the time to connecting with them.

Contact us to get your social media plan together today!