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The Southwest Business Network is a strong advocate for small businesses.  Whether it be through Networking events or marketing Workshops, we love to help small business owners generate traffic and revenue.  We hope to see you at our next event!

Upcoming Events

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October 3, 2022

Workshop - Restaurant Marketing

A Workshop specifically designed for restaurant owners!  Learn how to get the "butts in the seats".  We'll go over easy marketing methods to the more sophisticated in a fact-filled event!

Recent Events

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Drone Tutorial

August, 2022

63rd & Loomis, 7th District Chicago Police Station

Presented a Drone Tutorial for an Aviation program designed for teen girls interested in becoming a licensed pilot.

5.26.22 SBN.png

May, 2022

Workshop - Small Business Marketing

This Workshop covered the essential ingredients to starting a small business.  From the concept to completion, we gave small business owners a great insight to breaking away from traditional marketing messages and building new marketing frameworks.

June, 2022

Workshop - Small Business Websites

This Workshop helped small business owners take a deeper look into their company's websites.  We demonstrated common mistakes with web design and gave tips how to optimize website performance.

6.6.22 Make Your Website Stand Out (1).png
June 13th 2022.png

June, 2022

Workshop - Small Business Videos

This Workshop was developed to help small business owners create videos for their companies.  We gave plenty of ideas for new marketing strategies as well as new ideas for inter-office company videos such as training videos and promotional videos.

June, 2022

Workshop - Email Marketing

This Workshop was instrumental in helping small business owners not only how to capture email addresses, but to help create a targeted marketing email "drip" campaign.  

June 20th 2022.png
June 27th 2022.png

June, 2022

Workshop - Small Business Branding

This Workshop helped small business owners brand their company.  We took a deeper look into giving customers an unforgettable experience and tapping into the real definitions of their brand.

Past Events

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