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Chicago's Small Business Marketing Agency

The Chicago Marketing Agency actually from Chicago!

The Southwest Business Network is the full service marketing company for small business owners who want to take advantage of today's marketing frenzy.  By combining  digital marketing strategies with traditional marketing efforts, we give our clients a more realistic, results-oriented approach to marketing small business.

There are thousands of marketing messages all around us everyday, so it's more important than ever to stand out amongst the competition.  We show our clients what's working, what's not, and help guide them to new heights!  Not only do we help our clients drive customers to their small businesses, we keep their customers coming back!

We can develop websites, we'll create inspiring videos, and we'll build exciting marketing campaigns for your company, no matter the size.  Fill out the Form below so we can discuss how to get started on a marketing strategy to win customers!

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New Customers/Leads

We will help you capture your audience, market and advertise directly to them, and get them to connect with your business.

Website creation


Website Development

A good marketing campaign begins with a website that performs.  We will create a site custom-made for you!

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Manage Your Reviews

Customers are going to experience your business and write reviews.  We will help you control the conversations.

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Email Marketing

Research shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing, your business can expect $40 back.  Let us infuse your email campaigns.

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Text Marketing

Marketing through text messages can get you an open rate of over 97%.  We can create a text campaign to win new customers.

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Social Media Posting

More than 60% of all adults are on social media.  We will help build your "social footprint" and get the exposure you need.

Create your customer experience

Give your customers the buying experience they expect - without having to do the work.  We'll bring the customers, you keep running the business.

Let's go!